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But Why?

July 8, 2014

Mr. Turtle: Where did my coral reef go? It has been here for millions of years and was just here a few years ago

The humans dissolved it with their high-powered, pulsed electromagnetic radars

Mr. Turtle: But Why?

They are full of mistrust and hatred for one another and they are in denial and also hide the truth very well .

Mr. Turtle: But Why?

They have not evolved beyond that of a fire ant. They will blame it on global warming or they will even blame it on you and the whales pooping in the water, nothing is off limits for their deception

How old is the Na Pali and when did it form? The Na Pali, depending upon which section you date (potassium-argon method), ranges in age from 4.44 to 5.72 million years old and it is a part of the Waimea Canyon Volcanic Series of Eruptions. Kauai consists of a single great shield volcano which is deeply eroded and partly veneered with much later volcanics. The Kauai shield rises 17,000 feet above the ocean floor. At the top of the shield (centered at Mt. Waialeale) is a caldera 12 miles across – the largest in the Hawaiian Islands. Inside this caldera is the Alakai swamp, the highest elevation swamp in the world. A caldera forms when the mountain’s summit collapses it is a deep depression, much wider than deep, which is formed as the summit sinks in upon itself, compressing earlier layers of lava flow. The Waimea Canyon Series is a part of the portion that built the main mass of the shield outside the caldera known as the Na Pali Formation. The Na Pali was named “many cliffs” because of their exposures along the Na Pali Coast.

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