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When a Crop Circle is the Result of a Quantum Gravity Wave

July 11, 2014

At 35:25 you will hear Dr. Greene discuss other intelligence communicating with us via gravity waves from another “membrane” to ours.  I believe this is what many crop circles(the real ones) really are.  We live on a 6-D brane (core of the Earth) and intelligence from another brane is beaming “pre-programmed” gravity waves into our brane through those fields and creating those patterns.  The electromagnetic radiation and swirling in the fields are all signs of decaying quantum vacuum, which according to my research, also creates our weather phenomena.  The quantum nature of gravity is responsible for the probability of our weather, which is really quantum decoherence.

Intelligent beings WILL NOT USE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION to communicate because IT CAUSES CANCER in biology.


  1. talesfromthelou permalink

    More re-blogging I must do!

    • Not a Problem Dude. Makes sense now right? No PhD required.

      • talesfromthelou permalink

        Yes, it kind is making sense. But we really have to abandon everything we thought we knew.

      • As soon as we realize quantum vacuum is a “thing” with lots of energy curled up and decaying around us all the time, everything will make much more sense. We are on the outside (of at least 6 dimensions of space looking in and dodging vacuum uncurling in our atmosphere, which we call the weather, which slowly condenses us…

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