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Timing is Everything, Even Down Under

July 16, 2014
Bleached_coral: Image courtesy of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (Commonwealth of Australia)

Bleached Staghorn corals: Image Courtesy of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (Commenwealth of Australia)

Coral Bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef

“Elevated sea temperatures are the primary cause of mass coral bleaching events [FALSE, Pulsed Microwave Radars/Ion Charge Clusters in Seawater are the major stressor, temperature is most likely second]. Bleaching is a stress response of corals, during which they expel their zooxanthellae during unfavourable conditions, giving rise to the typical white colouration observed. Aside from temperature, other stressors such as tropical cyclones, freshwater inflows and anthropogenic pollution can also induce bleaching but to a far lesser extent and generally not on large spatial scales.

Bleaching has been observed on the Great Barrier Reef since 1982″



By the early 1980s the Bureau’s original 277F radars required urgent replacement, so in 1981 the Bureau received its first C-band radar [5-6 GHz]. Over the following 25 years, the Bureau installed 43 C-band radars and 17 S-band radars[2-4 GHz] (plus 3 high resolution Dopplers) across Australia.


Held at the University of New South Wales 

5-6 July 1982

The radar scanning system of Heron (COSRAD) is able to provide data on surface currents and directional wave spectra over a swath of 60 degrees and to distances of 100 km[Good Bleaching Coverage!] from the location of the mobile transceiver. While this system is still in the testing phase[1982], the potential for detailed studies of circulation is large.

I would say it worked!

We are sending out the Calypso to investigate.

Cousteau Calypso

Effective immediately, the FCC and W.H.O  is relegating control of the 2-6 GHz frequency spectrum back to NATURE. Please turn off all S-Band and C-Band Radars, GSM pulsed cellular devices, WiFi Routers and baby monitors.  We expect a large savings in energy usage, health costs and clearer thinking amongst all.  Please communicate via smoke signals and tapping on walls until we figure this out.


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  1. jzues permalink

    don’t know if real or not
    but made me think it’s blow hole is cooked~

    • I think that is just scattering of light by the fine water molecules. I believe it is the same thing happening during certain severe weather where I believe water is created from our quantum vacuum field decaying and “popping out” and scattering light.
      Thanks for following. lots of stuff happening behind the scenes.

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