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July 20, 2014



Green Sea Turtle Fatally Injured During the Multi-National War Games of Kauai

The Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2014 war games are damaging Hawaii’s marine life. These are largest military war games in the world involving 23 countries, and there is ample scientific evidence that pulsed electromagnetic radiation, sonar blasting and other forms of electronic warfare practiced during these war games are destroying Kauai’s coral reef ecosystems.

While the military damage to marine mammals is well documented, there is virtually no research done on sharks, invertegrates and smaller forms of marine life such as coral polyps and cyano-bacteria.   The military is required by federal law to investigate any possible degradation to the habitat of an endangered species, they need to study the effects of their electronic warfare on the complete near-shore marine environment.

The state and federal government also needs to have independent marine biologists in the water during the entire war games with instrumentation to monitor and record unusual behavior within the marine ecosystems and to insure compliance by the military.

In Kauai, we face the worst outbreak of coral disease on the planet, the very corals are dissolving into chalk and falling off the reef. The military must be held accountable before we have only dead reef surrounding our islands.


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