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Dead and Re-Dead

August 6, 2014

Dead Reef, Dead Coral, Dead Turtle, Dead Whale. Hmmm….Common theme in Kauai

Hi Ocean Lovers,
Here is my narrated dead Pilot Whale movie for the RIMPAC folks. They had an article today in the news about how successful RIMPAC was! Capt. Bruce Hay said : Professionalism and Aloha was the name of the game!!
Well Bruce your game killed hundreds of dolphins and whales and basically blow up large parts of the reefs on the north shore of Kauai, Ni’ihau and Lehua rock!! You sure showed a lot of ALOHA for our marine life you wiped out!!
Just shows us how out of touch our military is when you call killing corals, fish, dolphin, turtles and whales “professional”. Who knows how many of us divers and surfers are now sick from your wonderful ALOHA you spread with your electronic war games off shore of our once beautiful island!
The next movie I will have done shortly shows all of the damage from RIMPAC on our reefs, corals, sea turtles and the habitat they now have to deal with to try to stay alive while you party on your nuclear destroyer in Pear Harbor!
Just remember the politicians who TOTALLY support and promoted RIMPAC like Colleen Hanabusa and our Governor when you vote Saturday!
I really wish the whales could vote as they are part of our families here in Kauai but they are expendable to the US Navy and obviously so is our coral reefs.
You simply are not going to kill my friends and underwater family and just walk away from it! What you do is not ALOHA and please look up the meaning of that very spiritual word. Remember “Loose lips sinks ships”.

Terry Lilley
Marine Biologist
Hanalei, Kauai


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