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Darkness Falls Across the Land

August 8, 2014
Sea Star Wasting

Remote Sea Star Deaths Centered within 20 miles around a 750,000 Watt pulsed Dual Pol NEXRAD weather radar upgraded in 2012. I believe the EMF is discharging into the surrounding salt water and dissolving the CaCO3 endoskeleton of the starfish

Starfish deaths puzzling experts

Starfish are among Charlie Seablom’s favorite aquatic animals to discover.As a volunteer for the Island County Beach Watchers organization since 1993, Seablom has started to see alarming changes in his favorite sea creature.“The ones I’m seeing, a very large percentage appear to be diseased,” Seablom said.The pisaster sea star typically has five limbs and comes in a wide variety of colors. The orange-colored sunflower starfish grows to be far bigger, can have up to 24 legs and can “run” quite quickly.Over the past year, a number of dying starfish were reported off the coasts of Whidbey and Camano islands.This year is the first in which Seablom has seen any of the wasted sea stars on Whidbey.Seablom said he’s been on the lookout since the first symptoms were reported in June 2013 by researchers from Olympic National Park. Since then, sea stars along much of the North American Pacific coast are dying in great numbers from this mysterious “star wasting” syndrome.“It’s real sad to see animals like that die off like that,” Seablom said. “I just hope they find the cause and then maybe a cure before they’re all gone.”


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