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May the Force be With You

August 20, 2014

kauai coral disease

From Wikipedia

In physics, particularly electromagnetism, the Lorentz force is the combination of electric and magnetic force on a point charge due to electromagnetic fields.

Lorentz force on sodium and chlorine ions in a salt water solution flow under a transverse magnetic field

It is shown that, by applying elementary concepts in electromagnetism and electrochemistry to a system consisting of salt water flowing in a thin rectangular pipe at an average velocity vA under the influence of a transverse magnetic field B0, an electromotive force generator can be conceived. In fact, the Lorentz force acting on the sodium and chlorine ions in a water solution gives rise to a so-called Faraday voltage across the two metal electrodes, positioned at the sides of the pipe. The effect is carried along the following chemical reactions at the electrodes: at the cathode, water is reduced (instead of sodium ions) and hydrogen gas is generated; at the anode, chlorine gas is produced. In college physics teaching, this interdisciplinary subject can be adopted to stress analogies and differences between the Hall voltage in conductors and the Faraday voltage in electrolyte solutions.

My research tells me it is the pulsed electromagnetic fields from the radar stations causing all of the turbulence in the water of the coast of Kauai as the strong fields cause accelerated dissolution and decay of the coral reef structure. The turbidity is enhanced due to Lorentz forces (and the dissolving reef suspended solids, along with normal wave action)

Poor Visibility

Extremely Poor Visibility and dissolved CaCO3 coral skeletons on the North Shore of Kauai due to Lorentz forces and dissolved ion charge clusters due to pulsed electromagnetic radiation from microwave radars. Picture from Terry Lilley, Marine biologist on Kauai


Not like the Brochures. Lorentz Forces from all of the electromagnetic radiation?


Electromagnetic Whirlpool

Electricity and the Reef, A Shocking Way to Repair (Or Destroy) Coral Ecosystems

“Scientist Wolf Hilbertz and his team created a technique that utilized electricity to enhance coral growth on artificial reefs. They did so in response to low colonization of previously placed artificial reefs. The colonization failure was thought to be a combination of unsuitable materials and poor vertical profiles. By using electricity, Hilbertz was able to draw ions directly from seawater to create calcium rich rocks. The process, called accretion, was similar to what happened on its own in the ocean. It differed, however, in one significant way—the artificial process was much faster.”

The point of this article is to show you that positively charged calcium ions in solution are very attracted to negative charges, such as from an electrode or anode in a wire. In a controlled environment, such as with an anode and cathode wires in solution, you can accrete CaCO3.

But in an uncontrolled environment with millions of watts of pulsed electromagnetic microwaves absorbed at the surface of the ocean along waves of varying height (they make good antennas), these induced charge clusters in solution will “condition” and gradually breakdown the existing reef structure, faster than the corals can re-build it.

kauai pulse power

There is really NO NEW SCIENCE that is required to understand what is going on along our coastlines and is now more severe in Melbourne, FL and Kauai around concentrated high powered radars.  It is really an engineering problem.  The electrical engineers and physicist DID NOT to do an energy balance and figure out where all of the EMF is going and the effect it is having on surrounding biology.  Only a fraction of the electromagnetic energy makes it back to the radar dish. There is 2-4 times more electromagnetic radiation striking all areas of the ground and ocean around the radars than makes it back to the radar dish!

Another calculation can further test this conclusion. Lorentz forces move positive charges one way and negative charges the other. This would create a small electric field across the blood vessel. A balance would be reached when the electric field was strong enough to counter the Lorentz forces. Refering to the table above, balance occurs at an electric field strength of 0.00024 volts per meter. Of course, a blood vessel is much smaller than a meter, so across a 1 mm width, the voltage difference would be a mere 0.24 microvolts. Compare this to the voltage difference across a human cell membrane which is typically 80 millivolts. The membrane potential is 333,000 times greater than the Lorentz voltage. Again, we must conclude that Lorentz forces cannot play a significant role under our assumed conditions. If the velocity were higher or the magnetic field greater, more of an effect would be expected.

Shark with Magnetic Lorentz Sensor for Earth's Magnetic FieldTo counter this pessimism, let’s take a look at some unusual creatures. Sharks, skates and rays are able to use the Earth’s magnetic field for guidance. They accomplish this feat with special organs in their heads called “Ampullae of Lorenzini.” Interesting name, don’t you think? The ampullae are long, jelly-filled canals that use Lorentz forces to separate ions and create low level electric fields. These are very specialized sensors capable of detecting less than 1 microvolt. As the fish swim across the Earth’s magnetic field lines, the microvoltages in their sensors change, allowing them to tell north/south from east/west. Sharks actually do what we just calculated to be impractical. Let’s compare our blood flow assumptions to the environment of the shark. For blood flow, we assumed a velocity of 1 cm/sec and a field of 240 gauss. For a shark, perhaps we could estimate a swimming speed of 1 m/sec in the Earth’s field of 1/2 gauss. Comparing these numbers, the blood flow Lorentz forces would actually be 4.8 times greater than the shark Lorentz forces. At faster blood speeds, the situation could be 48 times more favorable. So if the biology is arranged just right, magnetic Lorentz forces can make a difference. Fancy calculations and dumb sharks contrast the opinions in the debate over permanent magnets and health.



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