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September 4, 2014
Citrus Canker Doppler Towers

Citrus Canker (Blue) and Pulsed Microwave Radar Locations in South Florida(Green Circles)

Citrus Canker Doppler Reflectivity

Citrus Canker, Doppler Radar Microwave Reflectivity (Off Atmosphere) in South Florida

Citrus Canker Doppler Cellular Microwave

Citrus Canker, Doppler Radar and Cellular Tower Locations, South Florida


Doppler Radar Microwaves + Cellular Tower Microwaves => Citrus Trees gradually “cooking” due to EMF radiation & low pH/high conductivity of tree to roots, emitting volatiles(odor) and attracting bugs as they disease and die.

Microwave Reflection/Conduction through trees increases during storms and precipitation, triggering canker outbreaks.

2014 Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide: Citrus Canker1

Major citrus canker outbreaks generally occur when new shoots are emerging or when fruit are in the early stages of development, especially if a major rainfall event occurs during this critical time. Frequent rainfall in warm weather, especially storms, contributes to disease development. Citrus canker is mostly a cosmetic disease, but when conditions are highly favorable for infection, it causes defoliation, shoot die-back, and fruit drop


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