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Left Coast

September 12, 2014

Lee County Florida (M)anatee Death Cluster.  Area also has a concentration in sinkholes (red/green blobs – dissolved CaCO3) as well as a concentration of microwave Doppler weather, communication and cellular towers (station identifiers shown)

I have been very busy the past few days so not much chance to post any bleeding edge research, bad jokes or good music.  So I have gone ahead and downloaded the Florida Manatee mortality data from 2013 and 2014 and used Google GeoCode to convert the addresses into latitude and longitude and then kml.  Next to Melbourne, FL, the largest concentration of Manatee deaths is in Lee County. Lots of fish kills and algae blooms also. You can see from the graphic they also have a large cluster of sinkholes as well as many microwave weather, communications and cellular towers right near the waterways.  To me as an engineer, the dissolving limestone is an indication of weakly non-ionizing pulsed radiation slowly dissolving the “Earth” around the towers.


I have come to the conclusion that nature hardly stands a chance around all of the overlapping EMF pollution humans are creating with all of this digital, pulsed microwave radiation.  Those electrons have to dump that electromagnetic energy somewhere and the Earth and saltwater ways are a great conductor for that stuff. I believe this is gradually damaging our health as well as the surrounding wildlife and also dissolving the calcium based limestone around us.  The radiation will increase during storms as the atmosphere scatters and dumps all of that energy to the Earth.


I have tried to concentrate mostly on wildlife on this blog, although I don’t believe humans will fare any better from all of this EMF based upon all of the research and my observations.  Since I don’t have access to human health statistics, other than what I come across on the Internet, I have passed my radar database on to other professionals to look for correlations. I have been at this for a couple of years now, developing and refining my theory and putting the pieces together. I have concluded that humans have been irradiating themselves for over 100 years now, which has been a boom for the medical/drug industry as well as the military and telecommunications industries. 80% of West Africans now use cell phones and all that pulsed tower radiation is blaring 24/7 into the surrounding bats and birds and wildlife. That can’t be good.

I think we have gone way down the wrong road and our children are suffering for it.


From → Biology, Geophysics

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  1. It’s so sad. It’s really more pathetic over anything else. The planet will not miss man – not one iota.

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