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September 14, 2014

Waimea Bay Marine Reserve North Shore Oahu Diseased & DISSOLVING coral

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Date: Sat, Sep 13, 2014 at 11:22 PM
Subject: Waimea reef destruction!! Really terrible turn for the worse!
To: Somebody, Anybody!

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SmWaimea11Not sure if you are aware of the condition on the reefs from Sharks Cove to Waimea Bay on the north shore of Oahu. It is in a total collapse! Pam and I dive this location often and take video and pictures as she lives right up the hill.
One year ago this reef had very few problems! The mound and lobe corals look very healthy and we only counted two to three diseased rice corals per dive. I have videos posted on Mission Blue (Google Earth) from two years ago and the reef looked beautiful.
About 6 months ago the mound corals started to dissolve. Today over 80% plus of the mound and lob corals were turning into mud. Thousands are already totally dead. The water visibility was very poor due to all of the dissolved coral material. This reef is normally crystal clear and we have not had any recent rain.
The dissolving reef looks very much like the entire north shore of Kauai!! I am locating the large high impulse NEXRAD ARSR-4 radar towers above Waimea Bay to see if this may be the cause of the reef collapse.
???????????????????????????????Can you possibly have some of your students or the USGS go out and look at the reefs in this area? Studying the tens of thousands of dying corals in this “Marine Reserve” may help us figure out the reef collapse along the north shore of Kauai.
Here are some pics out of my video from today. It is really sickening as this area is visited by thousands of divers annually and was once an important marine reserve. Any of your divers can easily access this reef by diving out of “Three Tables” and going in any direction as the whole area is now one big mess.
I shot video today of over 2,000 mound and lobe corals and all but two were 10 to 100% dissolved as if someone poured battery acid all over the reef. As usual my videos are free for you to review but no one needs to travel far to view this disaster with their own eyes.
???????????????????????????????Maybe this reef collapse in Oahu is good, as no one has to violate Kauai politics to study it!
This reef die off is much larger than the molasses spill reef die off that received so much attention in Honolulu!! Hopefully people here in Oahu will care about this problem as it will effect tourism in a negative way.
This reef is in a MARINE RESERVE to protect it. Well it is not working!!
Terry Lilley
Marine Biologist
Hanalei, Kauai
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From: ChemE Stewart <>
Date: Sun, Sep 14, 2014 at 7:51 AM
Subject: Re: Waimea reef destruction!! Really terrible turn for the worse!
To: The Quantum Vacuum (maybe it will listen)


Actually, what you have located 10 miles above Waimea Bay is MUCH nastier than a 500,000 watt pulsed NEXRAD WSR-88 weather radar.  You have a 6,400,000 watt pulsed ARSR-4 phased array military radar with 9 simultaneous beams of pulsed radiation @ 300 Hz pulse frequency, equivalent to 13 NEXRAD radars. Guaranteed to knock the calcium right from your milk bottle…
I plotted sea stars dissolving around this model radar earlier this year along the West coast.
Until further notice all tourists will be directed to the Big Island…
Graphic attached.

ARSR-4 Equivalent pulsed power as 13 NEXRAD Weather Radars


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