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September 25, 2014

Fibropapillomatosis (FP) tumors

I pulled the following information from this wildlife website

Early in July 2013, a colleague in New Caledonia reported the stranding of a green sea turtle on the far northwest of the island. The animal had washed up dead on a rocky beach with multiple large tumors on its neck and hind flippers. To all appearances, the turtle had fibropapillomatosis (FP), a tumor disease affecting marine turtles globally. This was the first known case of FP on the island ? an alarming find, and another example of the creeping expansion of this disease in green turtles around the world.


Turtle stranding near high powered pulsed microwave radar

Notably, this expansion garners little attention, for several reasons. Biologists have known about and observed FP in sea turtles since it was first described in the late-1930s in Florida green turtles (Smith and Coates 1938). We know that the disease is chronic, and that the degree of affliction is variable. Some turtles may have multiple massive tumors that affect their ability to swim or eat, leading to slow and lingering death, while others may have minimal tumors with little or no observable effect on the animal?s lifespan. Because marine turtles are largely out of sight and difficult to access, FP remains something of an ?orphan disease? ? off on its own, little studied, even dismissed as old news.


Radar Station – Tiebaghi, New Caledonia on NW end of New Caldonia

…….Equally perplexing: Prevalence of FP within a single area can be mysteriously erratic, with the distances between areas where resident turtles are affected or tumor free sometimes remarkably short. For example, on the island of Hawaii, FP is prevalent in turtles along the east coast but not the west coast (Work et al. 2001). Likewise, in Florida, turtles in the inner reefs of the Indian River Lagoon have a high prevalence of FP, whereas prevalence is low in the nearby Sabellid Reef less than one kilometer away (Holloway-Adkins and Ehrhart 2005). This characteristic complicates the question of transmission.

Melbourne Disease

I already showed you guys the tens of thousands of dead fish, dolphins, manatees, pelicans and turtles, many with tumors and many showing signs of SHOCK around the 17 high powered(~15,000,000 watts +/-) pulsed microwave radars in the Indian River Lagoon, FL area

Now I switch to another paper


Coral Disease and Turtle Tumors in Kaneohe Base with an airport radar and lots of pulsed ship microwave radars


Nearly all of Hawaii’s green turtles start their lives in the French Frigate Shoals, 400 miles northwest of Kauai. Once they are a few years old, they make the long swim to the main islands. Tumors have never been seen in the young turtles, before they leave the French Frigate Shoals. They occur most often once the turtle is 20 to 25 inches long, about 15 years of age, Balazs said. The turtles don’t reproduce until they reach 25 to 30 years of age, he said. The population will be considered recovered when 5,000 nesting females are reported each year. Currently, there are 600 females counted each year in the French Frigate Shoals, he said. Trying to connect the incidence of tumors with environmental factors hasn’t yielded any direct links, he said. They appear mostly in areas near urban development (cell towers, radio/TV towers), but there are also many tumored turtles off the largely undeveloped south shore of Molokai [near 500,000 watt pulsed NEXRAD RADAR], the turtle researcher said.


Turtles with tumors on South end of Molokai, which has a 500,000 watt pulsed microwave radar

More Tumors show up on head and neck/front end of the turtles


His and your head is an antenna

FP is short for Fibropapilloma. This is a disease that affects turtles world wide. It is scientifically proven to be related to the human virus of herpes but in this case, it has mutated and it can kill sea turtles once infected.  The reason why these tumors occur is still unknown, but it just happens that the large majority of turtles affected by this disease live near areas with large amounts of conventional agricultural crops, like Hawaii and Florida.


North Shore Kauai Turtles were recently hit with so much pulsed microwave/electromagnetic radiation from RIMPAC and 20 stationary radars their trailing edges disintegrated and THEY DIED

“Taken together, these data suggest that persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
are not a major cofactor in causing the onset of FP.”


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