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How Much Dead Stuff Does it Take to Wake Up a Physicist?

September 30, 2014

Lots more dead stuff on the Tunnels Reef Below the  ~30,000,000 Watts of Pulsed Microwave Military Radars on Kauai

From: underwater2web . <>
Date: Mon, Sep 29, 2014 at 9:10 PM
Subject: Dead Sharks at Tunnels Beach!! More Sonar?
To: Anybody that will listen

Yesterday I went out on my zodiac to take water samples on the dissolving reefs at Tunnels Beach so we can do some chemical analyses and maybe figure out what is killing the corals at such a rapid rate.

Mahana from Kauai Voice came along to document the event shooting HD video and we had some other very special guest checking out the reef destruction with us.
I took samples of the sea water around the dissolving reef then I went to visit my many shark friends I have know for 15 years. They all sleep in the caves and I have seen these sharks on every dive out of my 300 or more dives at Tunnels.
What I found was very heart breaking. ALL of the live sharks were gone and the only shark I found was upside down dead on the reef! I have known this 5 year old female white tip reef shark since she was born. I have video of her 2 months ago alive and healthy. She had no wounds, fish hooks or any damage visible of any kind. Just dead on the reef just like the dead pilot whale I found on a Hanalei Beach two months ago during RIMPAC!
This shark died very close to where I found the dead and dying sea turtles and I have seen other large healthy dead fish!!
A healthy looking dead shark lying upside down on the reef is just crazy!! This just does not happen.
Just one week ago I dove in the same area where there are usually a dozen turtles and last week they were all gone!!
What is killing the corals and creatures at Tunnels Reef? Massive amounts of sonic blasting by the Navy?This is one logical theory and I hope to prove, or disprove this theory soon with a world class team of scientist.
One way or another dead whales on the beach, dead turtles missing flippers, dead fish, dead sharks and a rapid dying reef should even make the politicians in Hawaii want to know what is going on in Kauai.
Terry Lilley
Marine Biologist
Hanalei, Kauai



Almost Dead


Very Dead


Dead as a Doornail


Dead and Dissolving


Dead with a little Un-Dead


Dead Drink





Melbourne Disease

And a Whole Fucking Lot of Dead around these 17 Pulsed Microwave Radars (~15,000,000 Watts)

I asked this same question almost a year ago and evidently they are ALL STILL SLEEPING

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  1. Debra D'Angelo permalink

    Thank you for caring. They are starting EW in our beloved Puget Sound and Olympic National Forests. My heart is bracing for what is ahead.

    • Thanks for reading. Gathering evidence. The killer has left his fingerprint and we are on to him…

  2. I was in Maui in 2001 , the coral and sea life gorgeous, Puerto Rico not as nice and I hate how what some view as progress is destroying this world and it’s oceans. The destruction by man and greed is horrid. Thanks for shining a light on this for the world. Kim

    • Thanks,

      Very sad situation on the North shore of Kauai. I think instead of man’s greed this devastation is a direct for man’s distrust for one another.

      After diving on the reef for two days I am even more convinced this is is a result of electromagnetic radiation poisoning.

      There is absolutely no industrial runoff in the area or heavy access by people or fishing and yet it is 90% dead and dissolving in many/most areas.

      Thanks for reading (this message sent with my feet by a fire pit somewhere in Kauai) The story is going to get better…


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