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BiofilmBuildupBanishment (Say 5 Times Fast)

October 16, 2014

To Remove Unsightly BioFilm And BioContaminant Buildup

Please use a strong, pulsed, oscillating ElectroMagnetic Field, Like This


Low Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Do a Pretty Good Job Breaking up Ca++ and Mg++ compounds

Which is known to remove unsightly biofilms, such as those found in the ocean, based upon this study


Electromagnetic field (EMF) treatment is presented as an alternative physical treatment for the mitigation of biofouling adhered to the tubes of a heat exchanger-condenser cooled by seawater. During an experimental phase, a fouling biofilm was allowed to grow until experimental variables indicated that its growth had stabilised. Subsequently, EMF treatment was applied to seawater to eliminate the biofilm and to maintain the achieved cleanliness. The results showed that EMFs precipitated ions dissolved in the seawater. As a consequence of the application of EMFs, erosion altered the intermolecular bonding of extracellular polymers, causing the destruction of the biofilm matrix and its detachment from the inner surface of the heat exchanger-condenser tubes. This detachment led to the partial removal of a mature biofilm and a partial recovery of the efficiency lost in the heat transfer process by using a physical treatment that is harmless to the marine environment.

Here is a pdf of a study report here

“…is effective for any dissolved inorganic ions including calcium,
magnesium, barium, silica, bicarbonate, sulphate etc.”

My research indicates you can even use low frequency (200-1000 Hz pulses) of GHz radiation from radars



Repeat 1000 times/second forever. Do this for long enough, at high radiated power (~30,000,000 pulsed overhead watts in Kauai – ~ 299,999,824,045 EIRP @ 40dB) appears to be MORE than plenty!), and


Unsightly BioFilm And BioContaminants ALL REMOVED! Hooray! Can’t you see all of the PRECIPITANT from the seawater!


This is what precipitant looks like!

You will have disassociated most of nature’s unsightly biofilms, including those made of Calcium compounds, Magnesium, silica and included in most biologically active lifeforms.  These are all considered “Boilogical Contaminants” by the radar dumbass engineers

Get Yours Today!

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