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Come on Baby Light My Fire!

October 30, 2014
Indian River Lagoon

Estimated 2 TERRAWATTS of EIRP Radiation in the Melbourne, FL area from 16 high power high gain pulsed microwave radars. BANANA RIVER IS GLOWING!

In Florida, a water-pollution warning that glows at night!

Washington Post – October 26

Bioluminescent algae on Florida’s East Coast are part of increasing numbers of algae blooms in the U.S. — some of which are toxic, with possible impacts including tainted drinking water and poisoned shellfish beds. (Florida Today Communications/PR Newswire)

…It was striking, but also strange: In a region where explosive “blooms” of toxic or nuisance algae have battered fisheries and killed dolphins and sea turtles in recent years, the glowing microorganisms represent another mysterious shift in an ecosystem that scientists say is out of kilter.

Brevard Radars


Check My Math!

Melbourne Disease

2 Terrawatts of EIRP reflecting and bouncing around and getting absorbed by nature = LOTS OF GLOWING, DEAD & DISEASED MARINE BIOLOGY!!

 Dumbass Radar Electrical Enginerds and Radar Fissicists don’t know the difference between power and energy!

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