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Radar Update

October 30, 2014
US Radar Stations

Orange Circles are Pulsed Microwave Radar Station Locations – Happy Halloween!

  • I placed my updated microwave radar database on Google.  You can download it here. It is generated from all public data sources.
  • I have had a large increase in readership, you can see the stats this week, this month and this quarter. Most visitors don’t comment.
  • If the radars are causing increased disease in surrounding wildlife, especially marine life, and I think they are, I do not want to be the one to withhold that information from you.
  • I practice engineering, which is the application of science.  I think science has missed something around these high-powered, pulsed microwave radar stations. I have shared this information with plenty of scientists. Some have responded, many have not. If I act like a jerk sometimes it is to get attention to the problem.
  • The jokes, music, crop circles and sub-par artwork are just to keep it interesting.
  • In a truly advanced country, chronic diseases, especially in children, should not be increasing.  That is my belief.


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  1. justinecase2014 permalink

    Stopping by to say hello. I just opened up the sinkhole map and all I can say is wow. We are in big trouble 😦 thanks for your hard work!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! You would think before they(government dumbasses and contractors) installed 2 billion pulsed watts of EM microwave radiation around everybody they would do a few studies first!

    • justinecase2014 permalink

      I made this video in 2013 and re-upped it not too long ago to vimeo. I do not know how all this dark energy matter works but I thought you might appreciate seeing it. It’s more esoteric in nature I think. I just can’t get a handle on what it is we are dealing with here.. dark matter? what is it?

      • Yeah, I think it is all quantum vacuum (dark matter decaying/inflating to dark energy). It is really just our quantum gravity field streaming from the sun decaying in our atmosphere. It brings the rains, which is Good! Our biggest problem is we are pulsing a couple billion watts of microwave radiation at it that is reflecting back on our heads, creating more sinkholes and disease in everything!

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