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That Reminds Me

November 7, 2014
long island radiation reflection

Lung Cancer Cluster in Long Island Directly Underneath the Area of High 2.8 GHz Radiation Reflection from 2 High Power, High Gain Radars. NEXRAD Radar is in “Clear Air Mode” no clouds, just chronic reflectivity

Cancer Study Here

long island high reflectivity

If You Could see the 2.8 GHz Pulsed Radiation Bouncing Around, scattering off overhead clouds, precipitation, etc.

long island weather


Long Island MLC

Long Island FLC

It reminds me of all the diseased, cancered, tumored, shocked, dead wildlife around the radar stations in Florida

Melbourne Disease

Lots of Dead and Diseased Stuff Here in Florida Around 17 High Powered, Pulsed Radars. Highly conductive salt water makes them a very good antenna near the surface of the water. Radar is in “clear air mode”


You Radar Boys Can KISS MY BUTT



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