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November 11, 2014

Environmental and State-Level Regulatory Factors Affect the Incidence of Autism and Intellectual Disability
Andrey Rzhetsky,Steven C. Bagley, Kanix Wang,Christopher S. Lyttle, Edwin H. Cook Jr,Russ B. Altman,Robert D. Gibbons

Alaska Autism 1

Lots of stuff dying near those two radar stations

Sitka Sea Star Wasting

Sea Stars (Starfish) Wasting/Dissolving Cluster in Same areas as two high-powered radars. It may be a cumulative Radars + Cellular/Microwave Towers (Digital 3G/4G worse than analog due to pulses) reflecting and “grounding out” in an area.

Sitka Radars

Two High-Powered Pulsed Microwave Radars in Sitka, AK near center of Yellow Cedar Disease. It appears to be much worse on the West Facing Sides of the Mountains which would get more direct/reflected pulsed microwave radiation. One NEXRAD radar and one AN/FPS-117 Military Radar plus microwave/cell towers

Download Radar Database Here

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