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November 16, 2014

Upside Down QED. Scattered Doppler EMR refracts and absorbs between cloud layer and ocean surface layer, triggering hypoxia(degassing) and Ca++ upsets in ocean water.


Vladimir Shatalov*, Inna Noga, Alina Zinchenko
Biophysical Department, Biological Faculty, Donetsk National University,
Schorsa st., 46, Donetsk, 83050, Ukraine

5. Conclusions
So, despite of all efforts of different investigators [27] the mechanism of non-ionizing and non-thermal impact of EMF in water was not clear till now. Many authors believe these effects were caused by changes in water structure under EMF treatment. Degassing under EMF still never discussed despite the presence of air in every sample of water contacting the atmosphere. It is possible to find in the literature messages on effective degassing of water without essential rise in temperature by means of microwaves and even by illumination [28]. In [29] concentrations of the dissolved and free
oxygen in water were defined by the nuclear magnetic resonance method. The measurements shown that 1m3 waters at 20°C contains near 2·1015 bubbles with average radius ~ 20nm. After 30 min irradiations the total volume of air in the bubbles decreased almost twice whereas the quantity of the dissolved oxygen decreased just on 12 % that corresponded to reduction of solubility by the accompanying heating of water on 4.5°C. The mechanism of this phenomenon was not discussed; however, it is obvious that the irradiation leads to an output of bubbles from water without appreciable changes of the solubility of air. The above analysis confirms the model [26] supposed that nanobubbles of dissolved air in water or bioliquids are primary targets of EMF. EMF treatment of water or bioliquids accelerates the coalescence, growth in sizes and emersion of the bubbles out from the liquid. The degassing changes hydrophobic interaction and increases activity of dissolved ions. That gives rise to biological effects. This theory explains the observed changes of water properties in EMF also as the observed changes in erythrocyte sedimentation rate (2.5 x greater) and the prothrombinase activity in blood clotting processes. Bubbles as the primary targets of the low electromagnetic field biological effect is the main output of the work. Besides, many mysterious experimental results may be easily explained now. The increase of pH after EMF treatment [4, 5, 21-23] may be explained by CO2 output; the increase of conductivity [4, 5] is due to changes in type of carriers after degassing from charged nanobubbles to hydrated ions possessed higher mobility; changes in transparency of irradiated water [4,11] are due to the bubble average size growth under EMF; after-effects of EMF [3, 21-23, 30] are due to slow floating up of the integrated micro-bubbles. Now we can answer the above mentioned questions: 1) the primary target of EMF is a bubble as the liquid density discontinuity; 2) the way of accumulation of EMF impact is degassing of the treated liquid; 3) the biological effect is caused by changes of physical properties of the liquid after degassing. So, the biological effect of low EMF is not a phantom but has an obvious physical basis. In this model the effect depends on the doze and the accumulation of energy of field is originated by increase without heating in quantity of free water and its entropy….

3.4. Degassing increases Ca++ activity in blood The next biological effect of degassing is the most interesting and may be the most important. 

Melbourne Disease

Indian River Lagoon Dead Fish Due to Hypoxia(degassing of air, lowering of dissolved oxygen), Increased Sedimentation (Muck) and Increased Disease, possibly related to calcium channel upsets from 17,000,000 watts of chronic, pulsed EMF in the area.

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