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Physisict’s Early Attempts at Self Irradiation

November 21, 2014

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They have perfected their skills on us since then

Would Somebody Please Stop the Madness…


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  1. Greetings,

    This is refreshing to see a professional doing good research. My thoughts are with you, be safe and protect your loved ones.

    Noticed any tinnitus & fibromyalgia spikes near the microwave towers?

    Also Smart meters now attached almost every home & structure combine them with the damn arrays & towers adding exponentially a toxic EMR RFR ELF ULF VLF soup destroying all cellular life. It’s taking its toll on my soul……..

    Radar angels, an excerpt;

    “…Meanwhile, morbid experiments were carried out to measure the echoing area of various types of birds. Dead animals were obtained from bird sanctuaries and their bodies were wrapped in cellophane and then spun whilst radar was bounced off them to measure their “echoing area.” This was calculated to be around one hundredth of a square metre – similar to that of a bag containing a pound of water!…”

    Tesla didn’t deserve it…

    Edison was an elitist tool
    So sad, so sobering the reality……

    This technology is extremely compartmentalized and symbiotic with many, many various applications, we must connect the dots.

    I wish to thank you and encourage you to explore the information provided below by a fellow researcher who confirmed my theory.


    • Thanks for reading. Yes, we have immersed ourselves in this EMF pollution and I believe we are paying dearly with our health and that of Nature.

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