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Kauai South Side Reefs and Turtles Now Dying Quickly

December 1, 2014

???????????????????????????????Dear Congresswoman Gabbard,

I did two scuba dives on the south side of Kauai yesterday in Poipu and Koloa Landing. I have dove these locations dozens of time over the past 8 years and have shot HD video of the reefs and marine life on each dive. Much of my movie “The Worlds Guide To Hawaiian Reef Fish” I filmed at these dive sites. Only two years ago these reefs were in very good shape while the reefs along the north shore were dying quickly.

What I documented yesterday was horrific! I wish I did not have to send you this report as it hurts my heart to see some of our very last remaining healthy reefs in Kauai perish right before my eyes.

???????????????????????????????50% of the Honu (green sea turtles) were covered with deadly tumors and in danger of dying. These tumors seem to be starting around their eyes and then spread to the rest of their body. They get blinded by the tumors and cannot feed. They get skinny over time then die of starvation. The concentration of sick turtles brings the large tiger sharks in close to shore to prey on them and this can be a danger to swimmers.

Over 70% of the entire reef at these two dive sites is now dead, diseased or dissolving. Much like what happened over the past three years to Hanalei Bay, Tunnels Beach and Anini Beach! There are also hundreds of broken corals and corals that fell off the reef littering the sea floor.

I have before and after video of each dive site showing how healthy they were just a few short years ago.

The south shore now dying and dissolving is going to have a major financial impact on Kauai as 90% of the scuba diving and snorkel business is located on the south side!
When I came out of the sea with my large movie camera I had a whole group of tourist snorkelers ask me why the reef looks so dead and the turtles have white lumps all over them?

We need to have some major funding put into this emergency! This is just as bad as a major hurricane tearing up our coastline or a giant battleship running onto the reef tearing it up! This disaster is ten times worse than the molasses spill that killed part of the reef a year ago in Pear Harbor!

???????????????????????????????Can you please help us try to save some of the reefs in Kauai before it is all lost.

I have all of my movies and pictures available for review free of charge at this point in time. I am putting together some before and after videos of the dying reefs for UH which will include time, date and GPS. This will help establish a time line for the die off or each reef system.

We desperately need chemical, sonar and electromagnetic testing out on the reefs so we can figure out what is killing them at lightening speed. This is not happening on the other Hawaiian Island at such a degree so we have something going on in Kauai that is unique to our underwater world.

Thanks you for responding to my email reports about our dying reefs and marine life in the past as you are the only politician who has done so!

Here are some pictures out of my video from yesterday. I can make a copy of the entire video for you if you would like. I can also take yourself or others out snorkeling or scuba diving to see the destruction first hand.


Terry Lilley
Marine Biologist

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Notice the tumors are on the head and neck of the turtle.  Those are the parts he sticks out of/near the water/surface.  You will notice in the Kauai  2011 ARDEL radar facility EIS document they mention it may effect only 1/4″ of water surface.  That is enough to induce electrical currents along the skin of the turtle, triggering skin damage.  Probably why everyone is also getting staph infections swimming (including me while I was there a month ago)

“Resources Eliminated From Detailed Consideration 
The following resources were not furthered analyzed in this EA because potential impacts were 
considered negligible or non-existent: 
Pelagic fish – Pelagic fish such as tuna and mahi mahi inhabit the water column of 
offshore open waters. All impacts, including those occurring in the areas around the 
ARDEL facility (Figure 1-8), defined by the CE and UCE separation distances in 
Section 1.7, would be limited to the terrestrial environment. In addition, although .25 
inch penetration of negligible RF into the water column is possible on very rare 
occasions, the AMDR Suite would not be trained below 0o
 elevation (Figure 1-7) to ensure such penetration would not occur. Furthermore, due to the scanning nature 
and characteristics of the radar as described in Section 1.6, and the associated 
topography which attenuates RF before it reaches the beach as described in Section 
3.3, operation of the ARDEL facility would have no effect on marine species”
What about the other 20+ radars on top of this one?  What about the additional radars on all of the RIMPAC warships added to it??  How much water penetration total?  How much RF/Power Density at surface?  How much additional RF during storms/high refraction?

Electromagnetic skin damage on Dolphins dorsal fin from pulsed radars and other EMF sources

Also, I plotted all of the recent unusual mortality events with Dolphins and they appear to be clustered around radar stations.

Chesapeake Bay, Melbourne, FL and Texas
That is on top of the 5 radar station locations in Alaska with walrus, polar bears, seals showing skin lesions around their heads and necks I sent you earlier.
Notice the dolphins get tumors on their backs. That is what he sticks out of the water

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Kauai Island Power

Come visit Kauai! Scattered Microwave Radiation Profile

‘No scientific evidence’

LIHUE — The U.S. Pacific Fleet in Pearl Harbor says community concerns that the Rim of the Pacific maritime exercise and Kauai’s Pacific Missile Range Facility are negatively impacting marine life are unfounded.

In early October, after hearing from several constituents, Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard requested information about the Navy’s efforts to monitor the effects of RIMPAC and PMRF on the ocean and marine ecosystems.

“In response to concerns of your constituents, there has been no scientific evidence that RIMPAC 2014 or exercises at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) have caused damage to marine life,” USPF Commander Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr. wrote in a response to Gabbard.

In his three-page letter, Harris discussed the aggressive steps taken by the Navy to avoid harming marine mammals, sea turtles and corals, through the use of protective measures during training, especially with sonar and explosives.


Mortally injured turtle off the North Shore of Kauai Beach during RIMPAC exercises


All I could think of…

turtles dying quickly

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  1. Greetings! I am writing a book to expose all of this entitled, The Answer: Roadmap for a New Humanity. I request permission to use the photos of the turtles with tumors. Thank you. Rich

    • Rich, most of the photos were by Terry Lilley on Kauai who I was helping, you should check with him, I am sure he will oblige.

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