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Truth in Advertising?

December 17, 2014

These are Philippine Fish, Not from Hawaii…

From Terry Lilley, Marine Biologist, Kauai

I just spent the week in Oahu filming the Pipe Masters surf contest and that was a blast! But yesterday I did something much more important. For a National Geographic TV special I shot video of the dying corals in Kaneohe Bay Oahu that are right under the Military Base and Microwave towers! This bay is just devistated. Filled with diseased and dying corals. I also shot a different National Geographic TV special in Kauai last month and shot video of our ruined coral reefs in Kauai. Both of these TV shows will bring this disaster to the world in the spring! When I arrived back in Kauai last night I found this magazine at the airport advertising our coral reefs. But something is VERY wrong. The picture on the cover is a beautiful Philippine coral reef with Philippine Panda Butterflyfish! We are loosing our reefs so fast that even the tour companies have to use pictures for outside of Kauai to keep their business. This is just a major wake up call for the people of Hawaii as we will soon loose our tourist business if we do not wake up, fund coral reef studies and try to fix what is killing the reefs! Here are some picks of our “real” reefs in Kauai so they would not look so good on the front cover of this tourist magazine! Has anyone ever heard of false advertising?

Now for a real dissolving Coral Reef in Kauai!


Holy Shit, that was a hard coral!


Rare, Self-Precipitating Kauai Coral. Only found near radar stations

10540548_10152424690746556_8400547224584915563_nThis is what 30,000,000 plus pulsed watts of electromagnetic radiation does when it hits the surface of the ocean 1000 times per second 24/7. No wonder our kids can’t breathe and are getting leukemia.

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