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January 8, 2015
US Radar Power

Relative Radar Pulsed Power Intensity. Military/Govt. Space Radars (High Power, High Gain, Very High EIRP) appear to be doing the most damage to wildlife as our atmosphere refracts and ducts portions of that intense pulsed power back to the ground, highest during storms and off low flying aircraft. Chicago area has lots of aircraft traffic, that may be increasing EM Radiation in that area.

USGS Chronic Wasting Disease Maps

Unusual Mortality Event Maps

My Latest Pulsed Microwave Radar Database

Relative Pulsed Power Profiles on this map created using Python/MatPlotLib

Thanks to this guy

John Hunter (1968-2012)


On August 28 2012, John D. Hunter, the creator of matplotlib, died from complications arising from cancer treatment, after a brief but intense battle with this terrible illness. John is survived by his wife Miriam, his three daughters Rahel, Ava and Clara, his sisters Layne and Mary, and his mother Sarah.

If you have benefited from John’s many contributions, please say thanks in the way that would matter most to him. Please consider making a donation to the John Hunter Memorial Fund.

Basically my research says we are damaging all biology with these high power, high gain pulsed microwave radars because of some dumbass IEEE guideline for heating put together by some dumbass electrical engineers and accepted by some dumbass politicians and taken advantage of by some dumbass military.  For that we are all paying with our health and our lives. PROVE ME WRONG

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