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You Can Make a Donation if You Wish

January 14, 2015

Fund My Radiation Research? Click on this Link to Donate through PayPal

I have been asked a few times over the past year if I accepted donations for my research.  I am a consulting engineer and I make a good living doing that.  I am starting to get asked to spend my time (and money) supporting radiation testing and such so I thought I would allow my readers (in over 160 countries) to donate to my research.  I have a small business checking account that any donations will go into.  It is not a non-profit at this time but it has no overhead and the contributions will go directly toward my research and expenses.

If you have been following my research, it started in 2012 with weather research, trying to fit a “quantum vacuum” model to our atmospheric weather phenomena, which is kinda weird but seems like it may fit.  Because I was mapping the weather, I then noticed lots of dead fish accumulating around our high power, high gain pulsed microwave radar stations in Florida, which seemed like that could be a bad thing… So in 2013 I began researching pulsed microwave radar stations and running statistics (with the help from a University PhD candidate) which pointed me to a high correlation between pulsed microwave radar tower locations and diseased/dead fish locations – which I could also see visually on my maps. So in early 2014 I was asked by some professional researchers to supply my pulsed microwave radar database to them for a human health study, which is ongoing and hopefully some results will be published professionally this year. My name will be on the paper as one of the authors. As an engineer, I do not typically publish papers, but that will be kinda cool. I have now amassed over 1600 radar stations in my database in the US alone, which you can download the database off this blog.

In 2014 I continued to look at wildlife “chronic wasting” disease locations on land as well as marine life. In May I was asked to get involved with a situation in Kauai, HI where it appears that much of the coral reef on the North Shore is dissolving and many of the reef fish are disappearing or turning black, all very close to the high powered, high gain radar station. I also have researched human health studies I could find online regarding cancers, autism, autoimmune diseases, etc.  I have published all of those maps online for all of my readers to view. I have tried to make reference to all of the researchers/previous papers and do not take any credit for all of their hard work.  My radar work is sort of an “Overlay” to all of the cluster studies. I have done many years of chemical/power process simulation and modeling so I approach my research from that perspective.  I have basically tried to fit a 3-D non-isotropic radar pulsed power model and then apply it to disease clusters.  I believe it is giving us a strong clue, but I will let others decide that.

Radio/RF transmissions began in the early 1900’s in the US. Beginning in the 1940’s, when the resonant cavity magnetron was introduced during WWII, pulsed microwave radar stations were installed in order to detect enemy aircraft using radiation “bouncing off airplanes.  In the 1950’s the governments began using them as weather radars because the radiation also “bounced” off clouds.  Only a small fraction of the radiation makes it back to the radar dish, the rest gets scattered and absorbed by the surrounding atmosphere and ground & “biological contaminants”, which is radarspeak for things like birds, me & you… It just so happens Breast Cancer rates have climbed steadily since the 1940’s.  Autism was also first studied in the US in 1943 (Leo Tanner) and rates have been rising ever since. At 1/68 kids now in the US, to me that is a human/national catastrophe in the making. If 75,000 kids did not show up for elementary school one year, everyone should stop work and find out what happened. In the 1960’s and ’70s they began using microwaves for communications.

Anyway, I can’t tell you for sure yet increased electromagnetic radiation is a primary cause of increased disease, although you should take a look at my maps and statistics and see if you see a correlation because I see a strong correlation spatially and even as I look back in time in wildlife, marine life and humans.  My wife wonders why I have spent a couple thousand hours researching over the past three years on my own time and I can only tell her that I am trying to solve a problem because that is what engineers do. I don’t care what tool it takes to solve the problem, I’ll use a calculator, string theory, crop circles or whatever the hell it takes. I would also like to see a better world for our children as it appears to me we are heading down the wrong path. And at age 50, I don’t really care if I have to question some government agency or military to help solve the problem since their primary mission IS TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC.

Anyway, if you wish to donate to my research, go ahead and click on the link above or below and thanks for following.  I will setup a page so that if you want me to list your name or somebody else to credit/remember I will do that.  You can email me a name if you want to.


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