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Huntersville Cancer Cluster, Take 3

January 21, 2015
Beatties Rd

The High Power, High Gain Pulsed TDWR radar directly lines up with the road in front of the elementary schools and on to the high school. The hill is 20′ above the base of the radar. The question to ask is are the high powered pulses reaching as low as the roadway, in which case drivers would be staring directly at them. Along with students, a police officer also has eye cancer.  They spend a lot of time driving and standing in front of schools directing traffic. If the pulsed radiation undergoes super-refraction or “ducting” in the atmosphere it could reach the roadway.  Given the fact the pulsed power is high enough to damage electronics in microwave towers 5 miles away, I believe these radars are VERY dangerous.


The TDWR radiation beamwidth is approx. 100 feet wide at the top of the hill 0.95 miles away

RF Calculator

If you plug in peak pulsed power of the TDWR, the values are MUCH higher than “compliance”. If you average in the time the radar is turned off and make up a name called “average power” than the “average” is probably within IEEE guidelines. IEEE does not actually do any biological testing that I am aware, so the electrical radar engineers ARE CLUELESS as to whether that amount of power pulsing through you is good for you.

“It (The TDWR) is turned off because the RF energy from the TDWR was interfering and doing damage to the receiver of a telephone microwave relay station that is approximately 5 to 6 miles away.”

So what kind of damage can it do 9/10ths of a mile away?

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  1. PDQ permalink

    Has this been shared with the Huntersville cancer cluster group and Huntersville Cimmisioner Kidwell? How about the FAA and the ophthalmologist starting an independent study on the cause of this cancer cluster – Dr. Carol Shields of Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia,PA.

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