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Don’t Mess With Them

February 4, 2015

NEWPORT, NY–The Kuyahoora Valley region has seen an unusual number of children with cancer in the area in the past 30 years. Now the group, “Kuyahoora Valley – What’s Making Us Sick” is petitioning state and federal lawmakers to investigate site of the Newport Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement Facility.

According to the group the state Department of Health has conducted three investigations on the eight cases of cancer that have been diagnosed since the 1980s. Six pediatric cases of cancer were diagnosed between 2011 and 2013. Three of those cases were diagnosed with the same rare aggressive form of lymphoma.

Lowell said the health department to investigate the possible cancer cluster, but it would reportedly take almost two years to complete. The investigation would also have some limitations because the of the lack of funding.

The group has decided to take further action by working with a chemical engineer [I hear those guys are really smart!] and various undisclosed universities.”

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Watch Out For Them


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