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Wrong Turn Clyde?

February 10, 2015
clyde ohio fcc location

There is a VERY LOW microwave relay antenna in the center of town that the FCC flagged as potentially TOO LOW.

Families of children who became mysteriously sick in the so-called “cancer cluster” of Clyde, Ohio, have hired a private environmental engineer to test for toxic residue in their homes. An Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) investigation previously found dangerous compounds in the soil of a nearby area, but a direct link to the children’s illnesses has not been established. Like other cancer cluster areas, Clyde has an unusually high rate of cancer diagnoses. Since 1996 [microwave tower licensed in 1993-see below], at least 37 children in the area have been diagnosed — and all live within 12 miles of each other. According to local news outlet Toledo Blade, four of these children have died.

Click to access sec24_2007_Key_Scientific_Studies.pdf

clyde ohio fcc

The FCC has pointed out a potential problem with the antenna height. Either it is an entry error or the area of that receiving antenna is getting hosed with RF/microwave radiation.

clyde ohio tower photo

The Receive Height of this microwave tower shows 0 feet!


Potential EMF Problem in the area of these microwave towers and power line


Could be an error but receive height is TOO LOW

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