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How Many Politicians, Electrical Engineers and Physicists Does it Take….

February 26, 2015
F-35 'flies' above central New York

Electronic Warfare Radiation Test Center over Newport, NY

Reposted for Purposes of Educating the Public

Another health concern in Kuyahoora Valley

Lindsay Boyle
Posted Feb. 26, 2015 at 5:00 AM

Utica Observer-Dispatch

Sitting atop Irish and Tanner hills in Newport are eight military-grade radar towers, emitting various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, testing the latest electronic warfare technology.


Sitting atop Irish and Tanner hills in Newport are eight military-grade radar towers, emitting various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, testing the latest electronic warfare technology.

But the Newport Antenna Measurement Facility isn’t like similar testing facilities in the desert out west: Its borders butt up against the backyards of Newport residents, its beams fly over their heads.

So as the state Department of Health continues its investigation into certain cancers and “birth outcomes” in the Kuyahoora Valley — a process it said would take 18 to 24 months — some residents also are calling on outside experts to look into the Newport tower system.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????“We’re not pointing our fingers and saying that’s what (is causing cancer), but we know that it could be,” said Jennifer Snyder, one of the founding members of the group, Kuyahoora Valley – What’s Making Us Sick? “So, let’s find out. If we do nothing about it, we’ll never know.”

In the Kuyahoora Valley — which encompasses Newport, Middleville, Norway, Fairfield, Poland and Cold Brook — six children developed pediatric cancers between spring 2011 and summer 2013. Three of them had systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma, a rare and aggressive cancer.

The Department of Health has agreed in the past the number of cases is “statistically unlikely to be due to chance,” but a spokesperson wouldn’t directly answer whether the department’s investigation will include the radar facility.

“The studies will involve identification of cases and evaluation of information about possible risk factors,” the spokesperson wrote in an email.

Stewart Simonson, a chemical engineer by day, has been studying various radar stations for more than two years. Specifically, he’s worked to build a database of more than 1,500 stations, which he and others have searched for correlations between the towers and human, as well as animal, disease.

He’s found that areas around the country boasting high amounts of chronic wasting disease — in which deer and elk[AND MARINE LIFE] have distinctive brain lesions — often are located close to a high-powered military radar system.

“In general, areas where there’s more electromagnetic radiation appear to have more disease,” Simonson added.

He also said radars, such as those in Newport, that use pulsing — or send out 1 million or more watts of power but just for about one-thousandth of a second — haven’t been studied extensively in the United States.

The Federal Communications Commission, whose guidelines govern the radar systems, only addresses the “average power that the human body can take” before tissues begin to heat, Simonson said.

“If you take the average of (pulsed radiation), it’s low,” he said. “But consider: What’s the effect of pulsing 1 million watts through a deer standing out in the field, over and over again?”

He said animals appear to be more affected by radiation because they’re more “grounded” to the earth, but that children, too, are susceptible because their brains are developing.

Simonson and David Carpenter — director of the University at Albany’s Institute for Health and the Environment — said part of the problem is that those who created the FCC guidelines are “physics and engineering people” without strong backgrounds in health.

“Those FCC guidelines totally ignore thousands of (studies) that show there are biological effects at intensities that don’t cause tissue heating,” Carpenter said.

In a recent review paper, Carpenter outlined several things — from cancer to male infertility, to neurobehavioral abnormalities — that can increase in occurrence with exposure to microwaves and to communication frequencies, such as those used for radio, television, cell phone and radar.

“It’s important that we be able to detect bad weather — everyone agrees,” Carpenter said, explaining that many radar systems are used for monitoring the weather via Doppler. “The real issue is placing these things in close proximity to humans.”

Carpenter and Simonson said testing at the Newport site should stop until it’s studied more closely, and Snyder agreed.

“This is one of the biggest (military) radar testing places in the country, and nobody in the town knows what’s going on,” Snyder said.

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