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I Sense an Instability in Our Quantum Field

February 27, 2015

funny-karate-nija-baby-kid-animated-gif-picsPossibly Wormholes…

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  1. donnajustinecase permalink

    lol, I remember that baby gif from the myspace days… wormholes. yep… and reality perception beta testing as well… #thedress #whiteandgold #blueandblack

  2. Every time I look at that little guy I start laughing!

    • donnajustinecase permalink

      I ran across some weird comments on a video from someone trying to decode “timelines” and this CERN restart… Essentially, the person commented that Melanin was dark matter… and so is soil they said. They also claimed that melanin/dark matter was produced by the pineal gland. Do you have any insight on this or is this the ramblings of a crazy person.. Somehow, I think we all have got a little crazy looking at these things ūüôā

      • I think “melatonin” helps protect us from weakly ionizing radiation and is produced from the pineal gland, which lessens as you get older. Dirt, I think is just dirt… Thanks for following, Stewart

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