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March 2, 2015

What we know as a “Super Cell” is really a vacuum disturbance off the jet streams that temporarily warps the quantum fluid of “spacetime” causing a large temporary thermodynamic and electrodynamic disturbance.  It bends and attenuates visible radiation as well as Doppler/microwave/RF radiation – some of it to unhealthy levels, back to Earth

These storms are really natures way of dissipating the vacuum energy expelled from the Sun, which keeps us in orbit, which we know as gravity, as the entropy of dark matter bends spacetime before decaying into our weather.

In other words Einstein Rosen Bridges are very common in our atmosphere.  They are fed from dark matter and only hang around until the dark matter decays to dark energy.


“Until recently, theorists believed that wormholes could exist for only an instant of time, and anyone trying to pass through would run into a singularity. But more recent calculations show that a truly advanced civilization might be able to make wormholes work. By using something physicists call “exotic matter,” which has a negative energy, the civilization could prevent a wormhole from collapsing on itself.”

EXOTIC MATTER = DARK MATTER (And we have plenty of it!)

And yes, you can fly through these things. I showed this video over a year ago.  They stay open until they run low on stringy dark matter (vacuum energy) that they feed off that keeps them open.  After the vacuum levels decay/evaporate and stabilize, the storm is gone.

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