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March 17, 2015

Attention, we have them surrounded

I would like to ask the colonel how 1 watt transmitters are capable of jamming civilian GPS systems within a 300-mile area around the facility as happened accidentally in 1998? As radio/microwave power densities drop off with the square of the distance from the transmitter, my research shows using 5 watts show that would be impossible, and if true would warrant a Nobel Prize in Physics.
4000 watt Jammer: Range ~125 miles [1]
1000 watt Jammer: Range ~50 miles, [1]
20 Watt Jammer:    Range ~1 mile (located near airport) [2]
2 Watt Jammer:      Range ~82 feet (25 meters) [3]
Colonel’s 5 Watt Newport Antenna Jammer:  300 mile range???? He is not telling us something…
From the Colnel: “For the purposes of comparison, our 1­ watt transmitters deliver a fraction of the power of a 50,000 watt television transmitter in the area that beams around the clock.”
Newport Radiation Rev B

The Colonel & I appear to differ by a factor of 1,500,000,000 (Watts EIRP – me) / 17 (1 watt radars – Colonel) = 88,235,294!

Somebody is using Funnybook Physics and Mystery Math!




Ask Dr. Hawking!

Dr. Hawking, what do you think about the fact the military can jam civilian aircraft from 300 miles away using only 5 watts of power.

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