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Moore, Oklahoma Tornado (2013)

March 28, 2015

3d-radar-moore-2 (1)moore hook echo


Einstein Rosen Bridge curling up spacetime and creating the huge vacuum disturbance known as a tornado, or waterspout or hurricane.


Doppler Radar Animation of 2013 Moore, OK tornado. The electromagnetic radiation is being scattered/refracted by the vacuum in the atmosphere in addition to the precipitation


Release of Entropy (Dark Energy) contained within inflating/decaying strings of dark matter forming the entangled wormhole(tornado), broken off from the jetstreams and curled up by the Sun

Gravitational entropy of black holes and wormholes

Dark Energy Released:  The storm could have been eight to more than 600 times greater than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

P.S. Air and Water Vapor Cannot do that…

Ask Dr. Hawking!

Dr. Hawking, what do you think?

Ask Dr. Einstein! 

Dr. Einstein, what do you have to say?


Rosen, come here quickly!


Spacetime is Wormy, Yes, Definitely Wormy…

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