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What do you mean this is not Rocket Science?

April 5, 2015
NASA Glenn

NASA Glenn Bldgs 500 & 501 faces two high power, high gain pulsed microwave radar stations. and had 40 people with cancer on the 3rd floor of the buildings  These buildings would see high reflected pulsed power density from aircraft landing/taking off due to the radiation. The V-shape would also gather more reflected microwaves

From Wired Magazine in 2008

THE LEWIS ENGINEERING and Scientists Association are asking several members of Congress to look into cancer rates in the Developmental Engineering Building and NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio (NASA Lewis was changed to NASA Glenn in 1999 and sits at Lewis Field in Cleveland).

Any good scientist would hate that title. Why? Because it’s designed to lead you to conclude something — like there is a link between cancer and NASA or that 40 engineers on the same floor being diagnosed with cancer means something. So what are the facts?

The facts are:
-According to a union spokesperson, Dennis Pehotski, 40 out of 100 engineers on the 3rd floor of that building have been diagnosed with cancer in the past three to four years.
-The Union is concerned about conditions in the building.


CDC Report was inconclusive. They did not check for hazardous Pulsed EMF levels nor do they even know what levels are hazardous! Don’t worry be happy.

They are going to destroy the buildings but will they get rid of the cause of the cancer? I say not.


It’s Not Rocket Science…

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  1. How should the NYS DOH check the EMF levels? By reading non-classified documents created and provided by the Air Force? Which levels are too high?

    • The only way to check EMF levels is to have the military tell everyone when they are testing and what they are pointing the radars at(target). Then, go around the area with a very sensitive directional antenna pointed at the target and measure peak pulsed power received at various locations. The Air Force will need to disclose frequencies they are transmitting in order to detect them

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