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Just another Radar Station and Another Dead/Diseased Coral Reef

April 10, 2015

Ka’ena Point Satellite Tracking and Military Radar Station.

From Terry Lilley’s Reef Survey.  (Not looking good for the electrical enginerds and fissicists or military…)

It is against the law and kapu to kill a coral reef but one just died on the north shore of Oahu near Ka’ena Point across from Dillingham glider air strip! This beautiful beach had a pristine coral reef only a few years ago and lots of fish. Now 95% of the corals are dead. What remains is just bare rock. What happened? Well it is very obvious to me because there are no homes, bathroom, pollution, sedimentation or run off at this reef! There are lots of waves and a heavy current that flushes the reef daily with clear deep blue water. This reef is in the direct line of sight of five giant military microwave towers that beaming XX million watts of microwaves right over this beach for the purpose of their Electronic War. We know that these towers can kill corals and give people cancer. Matson was fined a lot of money for killing corals so what is stoping the EPA and DLNR from enforcing the law on the people who killed this entire reef?

Kaena State Park


High Power, High Gain Radar Military Antennas are inducing voltage potentials and electrical currents at the surface of the ocean below and discharging into the reefs , damaging all sea life.


During the Jurassic Period, CO2 levels were 5 times higher, the Earth was warmer and reefs flourished throughout the world. This environmental catastrophe is not caused by Global Warming, that is a cocktail party buzzword. This is radiation poisoning by Uncle Sam and his love of all things electronic and wireless.

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