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Marin County Breast Cancer & Asthma

April 22, 2015
Marin County Breast Cancer

Quite a few HF Wave radars and an ARSR-4 radar in Marin County. The side of the mountain that gets more radiation (facing the radars) has the highest rates of breast cancer. Ships passing into San Francisco bay with pulsed radars will also add to the local radiation. Lots of fog in the area can also increase pulsed radiation scattering. Also a couple Dopplers and transmitting station on the SF side of the bay.


Marin County, CA High Breast Cancer Rates. Source:


Marin Asthma

Similar Map with high Asthma rates. EMF has previously been linked with increased asthma. What is interesting to me is that the smaller, lower gain HF wave radars seem to have a strong impact, similar to my Long Island maps. Maybe that is because the radiation stays closer to the surface, I am not sure.

MArin map_asthma & Heart Problems

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