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How is a guy supposed to do Research…

April 24, 2015

middle27Most of my readers know I have been trying to help some families in the Newport, NY area get enough information from the military and government to help doctors & scientists evaluate whether the level of radiation emanating intermittently from the Air Force’s Radiation test facility could possibly be contributing to the cluster of childhood cancers and increased disease in the local area around the test station.  The colonel in charge said the facilities’ antennas only put out “one watt of radiation” and yet my estimated, first pass calculations show that if the facility were to apply for an FCC licence, they would need to report over 1 billion watts of effective isotropic radiation (EIRP) from the facility (BIG DIFFERENCE) depending upon radar antennas tested.

Newport Radiation Rev C

Unfortunately the US Military and their Military contractors appear to be going the other way by removing the documents I referenced from their servers, some had been online for YEARS!.  Luckily, I made a copy of the documents for the mothers and the editors (And You!)

The US Military removed this document:

“This referenced document ( fulltext/u2/a347013.pdf) states each radar can generate up to 1000 watt (1kW) pulsed power which is then boosted by the 35 dBi antenna to an EIRP of up to 3,162,277 watts each according to my calculations. Multiple that by 5 radars and you can now understand how 15 million watts of pulsed EIRP power can jam civilian airliner GPS systems from hundreds of miles away and also potentially make personnel ill in the surrounding area.

Here is the missing public document they removed

ARFL Power


And here is their IP Address

The link to the US government contractor document no longer works (Press Release):

“If the military has been testing up to 30,000-watt AESA electronic warfare radars mounted on the airframes like this article ( is implying and this one (www.prnews then all bets are off because the EIRP of those units are over 900 million watts of power if you happen to be in the direct/reflected path, which could be very unhealthy over time.”

Here is the missing public document that was removed.

lockheed martin

And here is their IP address…

Here is a link to the full article on the Utica Observer-Dispatch

And here is a link to the mother’s petition

And here is a song, have a nice weekend

P.S. Maybe these guys have enough balls to do something…

Canada DOD

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