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April 27, 2015
So FL Cancer Clusters2

Red Lines Are Airplane Flight Paths. Light Blue Circles Earthstations. Red/Purple Circles FAA/Military Radar. Dark Blue Weather Radar.  All generate high power, high gain radiation

Conclusion: Increase in cancer proportional to amount of High Gain, High Power Focused Radiation (High EIRP) from radars and earthstation dish antennas + airplanes to reflect radiation back to surroundings plus lots of weather to scatter/refract radiation back to the surroundings. Similar relationship for autism.. I think the electromagnetic radiation is killing our coral reefs along the coastlines through electromagnetic inductance as well as damaging citrus trees, releasing volatiles and attracting BUGS.

Cancer Cluster Information:

Raid Amin, Michael Hendryx, Matthew Shull & Alexander Bohnert (2014) A Cluster Analysis of Pediatric Cancer Incidence Rates in Florida: 2000–2010, Statistics and Public Policy, 1:1, 69-77, DOI: 10.1080/2330443X.2014.928245

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