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April 28, 2015



Black Hole Birthing into our 3 dimensions of space, quantumly entangled and PULLING A VACUUM

This dude below is crazy.  I think the humidity is so low in the desert that you only see the wormhole sucking up the dust and not the stringy vacuum condensing water vapor (virga) like you see over water.  Otherwise, they are they same thing according to my research, decaying quantum vacuum right here in our atmosphere and releasing a tremendous amount of vacuum energy and bending electromagneitc radiation right back on our heads.

I can assure physicists that air and water vapor cannot do that by itself, especially in the desert where the humidity is very low and yet the power of that tornado his still extremely high so it is not gaining power through condensing of water vapor.  When you are able to curl up, bend and condense spacetime, energy is the least of your worries.

What has confused everyone is that a few thousand years ago somebody called this the “weather” and figured it was caused by hot and cold air and did not realize 95% of the energy in this universe is vacuum energy

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