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How Cousteau and NOAA Killed the Reef?

May 14, 2015



This simulation shows how electromagnetic antennas, dipole, whip, parabolic, etc. that are located near conductive seawater are inducing electrical currents in our oceans.  Since our coral reefs are in shallow water with waves breaking over them, that is where the electromagnetic radiation is coupling and grounding out into the seafloor as it seeks the path of least resistance.  Actual amps/sq. meter & volts/sq. meter will vary with weather conditions, antenna power, type and angle. No Earth shattering discovery just simple physics and engineering.  All this EMF is/has destroyed our coastlines and the nearby marine life.  The more radars and antennas, the worse it is.  Same as our health.

Melbourne Radar Power & Marine Life Disease

Lots of Dead (F)ish Around these Radar Stations! Not to mention shocked manatee, dolphins and pelicans

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