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Santa Clara Autism Cluste

May 31, 2015
Santa Clara

Autism Cluster Map/Research Source: UC Davis. Earthstation/Radar Database compliments my Awesome Research All values are EIRP Watts. Blue are “always on” microwave Earthstations, Red are pulsed microwave radars. Red Lines are airport flight paths (more reflection of microwaves to ground off airplanes)

Until further notice and in line with current national policies, our government  will make the following acronym changes while striving to minimize costs

FAA: Federal Autism Administration

FCC: Federal Cancer Commission

NOAA: National Oceanic Annihilation Administration

NASA: National Aquatic Shock Administration

IEEE: Ignorant Electrical Engineers Electromagneticuting you

RIMPAC: Radiation Intense Microwave Pulses Annihilating Coral

DoD: Department of Destruction

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