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Nu’alolo Is Dead!

June 1, 2015
Kauai Radiation

Diseased/dead coral reefs correlate well with locations of high gain, high EIRP microwave radars and earthstations after 6 months of reef surveys by Terry Lilley in Kauai, HI. Ivory tower dumbass government sucking, contracting consultants didn’t even think to check.

From Terry Lilley:

Just the facts. I did a dive yesterday at Nualolo and Miliolii along the Na Pali Coast and the reefs have 99% died in the last three years! All the way to the outer reefs. This famous place in Hawaiian history is now dead. There are no homes there. No run off. Very little rain. Clear deep water flushes the reefs daily. There is no farming or agricultural run off. Nualolo should be a pristine coral reef!! What is there are several giant 6 million watt microwave towers! These towers were “weoponized” two years ago to be used in the Military electronic war games that operate all along the north shore of Kauai daily. One month after the towers were jacked up to millions of watts the reef stated to die. I have before and after video!

Now there is nothing left but a few algae eating fish like the nenue and manini.

Are we going to continue to allow the US military to kill our entire coastline in the name of “national defense”. Our politicians pump millions of dollars monthly into expanding the base and electronic war. When will it all stop? Kauai has its own DNA bloodlines of coral. Our corals are different from all the other corals in Hawaii so we cannot transplant coral from Maui or the Big Island after the military kills the reef. We must save a little bit of coral to regrow when the madness stops.

Even the tourist will get bored soon with seeing a brown dead reef devoid of coral and butterfly fish!

10562927_10152783406756556_3189182914201791552_n 11061706_10152783407096556_1349158090737719260_n11350591_10152783406746556_4320720382648169023_n





11393038_10152783407031556_2613330549200972385_nWhat a beautiful gift we have left our children!

Download My radar/earthstation google earth database

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