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OK, I Didn’t Find Bigfoot

June 7, 2015
lake fishing

I decided to look for bigfoot in the lake because nobody had thought of that yet… I found a few bass

I also worked on a list of clarifications to the lame ass response the military gave the mothers with sick kids in Newport, NY. You can read that here:

QA Response_CM Hanna Congressional Inquiry_v2 Additional Questions Clarifications 6-7-15


Military Response: “Only RF antennae receiving testing is conducted at Newport (e.g., the planes being tested are only 1:1 models/shells without any instrumentation, radar or radios).”

Military Brochure: . This facility (Newport) provides the capability to conduct accurate repeatable measurements of the performance of antennas installed on airframes, complex multi-beam and phased arrays, advanced ultra low sidelobe arrays and multiple antenna systems and to conduct advanced antenna measurement technology research.


Let’s ask Dr. Hawking (Let me wake him up first, after all he is a physicist)

Dr. Hawking, what do you think about the contradicting response from the Military?

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