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Though the truth may vary, This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore

June 12, 2015

QA Response_CM Hanna Congressional Inquiry_v2 Additional Questions Clarifications 6-7-15

Military Response:

“(3) because transmitting data can be extrapolated from antenna receiving patterns, only RF antennae receiving testing is conducted at Newport (e.g., the planes being tested are only 1:1 models/shells without any instrumentation, radar or radios).”

My Research:

“The model will stay up there for weeks or even months at a time,” Hamre said. “We wire it for multiple antennas – normally four to six different sets of antennas – and walk through all sorts of tests. We even roll the model upside down to test the antenna function when the aircraft is inverted.”

“At any given time we may have upwards of twenty antennas on the airframe,” continued Hamre. “We need to see how much energy these antennas are putting into each other so we can have simultaneous operations of systems without interference. We were able to use this data to determine when to switch to different antennas and to validate how the antennas were working to design.”

“Over the past eight years, the team has compiled more than 1.5 million pattern files, verified multiple antenna positions, and made pre-production design modifications to ensure the early production models have the final features and capabilities.”



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