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Another Look at the Santa Monica Autism Cluster

June 15, 2015
Santa Monica Autism Cluster 2

Exploded view of Microwave Broadcast Earthstation Antennas in Lt. Blue. Airport Radars in Red/Purple. The implication is that the electromagnetic radiation is refracting, reflecting, inducting and conducting back into the local surroundings, including people, increasing autism rates.

Adjusted autism diagnostic clusters (Red) From this Study (Figure 3)

Los Angeles County High Gain Microwave Earthstations and Radars

Complete Google Earth KMZ File Database (Under Continual Development)

And if you don’t Believe Me, there is always HER

jenny mccarthy

She hangs out in Santa Monica, in RED, on the map.

Let’s ask Dr. Hawking (He appears to be wide awake now!)

Dr. Hawking, who do you believe?


Dumb (Blonde) and Dumber Spotted in Santa Monica irradiation zone

radiation scattering DC10Combined

Santa Monica Airport is one of the busiest private airports in the world. That area also has the highest concentration of high gain microwave broadcast antennas. Microwave radar and earthstation radiation reflection off aircraft fuselage is shown. Purple is highest power (back to surrounding Earth)

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