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A Real Whale of a Shocker?

July 24, 2015
Alaska Whales

All Values are EIRP Watts. Plenty of focused power to shock a whale at the surface of the ocean with his mouth open feeding if the overlapping beams are ducted into the surface of the nearby ocean.  Fin whales travel in tight groups


Alaska researcher investigates fin whale deaths

Nine whales appear to have died at the same time, area



A dead fin whale in waters around Alaska. | Courtesy of MV Kennicott crew courtesy NOAA

At least nine fin whales have been discovered floating dead in waters from Kodiak to Unimak Pass since late May.

‘It is an unusual and mysterious event that appears to have happened around Memorial Day weekend,’ said Kate Wynne, an Alaska Sea Grant marine mammal specialist and University of Alaska Fairbanks professor. ‘We rarely see more than one fin whale carcass every couple of years.’

On May 23, Wynne received a message from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration enforcement officers that crew members on the Alaska Marine Highway System’s ferry MV Kennicott had photographed dead whales. During the next two weeks, boaters, fishermen and pilots reported floating dead whales in the area. Based on photos submitted with these reports, Wynne and her NOAA collaborators determined that at least nine fin whales died in a relatively small area. The dead whales are now drifting along both sides of Kodiak Island.

Read entire article here

P.S. they shocked the birds too!

“The RF is dangerous mostly when it becomes a source of ‘ionization’ inside your bodies wet meaty parts. The higher the frequency being transmitted along with the amount of power being radiated determines at what distance, if any, that the energy will become ionizing. Meaning it will disprupt and destroy living tissue at that distance and closer. Aboard my ship there were several low frequency ‘flagpole’ antenna the danger line around those was 7 feet in radius. On the other hand, locking our illuminating radar onto groups of seagulls several miles away would cause them to panic and scatter. 

seal laughing

Oh My God Electrical Engineers are So Stupid!


Values shown are EIRP in Watts of Power from microwave earthstation antennas.


whale antennas

A rough value for the internal resistance of the human body is 300-1,000 Ohms.  Naturally, the resistance also depends on the path that electricity takes through the body – if the electricity goes in the left hand and out the right foot, then the resistance will be much higher than if it goes in and out of adjacent fingers.



Government & Science Epic Fail

Solution: Please have all whales keep their mouths closed while feeding near high power, high gain microwave earthstations and pulsed radars, especially when there is a temporary inversion in the overhead atmosphere.

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