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A ShockaFlockalypse Now!

September 14, 2015


Article form the Garden Island Newspaper

Lighting [notice they say LIGHTING!-like light bulbs], weather causes 114 Newell’s shearwaters, Hawaiian petrels to fall from the sky; 9 die

LIHUE, Kauai, HI — More than 100 endangered seabirds recently required care after falling from the sky due to lighting [WTF, those are some bright lights!?] issues at Kokee State Park.

55f503c745951.imageA majority of the adult birds were Newell’s shearwaters, along with a few Hawaiian petrels. About 80 were injured this week around the Kokee Air Force station [25,000 Watt RADAR STATION], and nine died. Officials said faulty light positioning [WTF?] at the tracking facility likely reflected off dense fog and created poor navigability and resulted in collisions and falls.

“This is very, very unusual,” said Aaron Nadig, island team manager with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services in Honolulu. “Usually, when we see falling birds, it’s the fledgling season.”

Fledgling season begins Tuesday and runs to Dec. 15. It’s the time of year newly born shearwaters fly out to the ocean for the first time. The endangered bird, which navigates over land at night, can be distracted by lights to the point of flying into manmade objects or disorienting themselves to the point of exhaustion. Either way, if they fall to the ground, they become vulnerable to predators or moving vehicles.

But the 114 grounded birds as of Friday are adults. Experienced fliers like those don’t get disoriented as easily, especially not in big numbers.

“Adults falling from light attraction is very unusual,” Nadig said. “All of us, including the Air Force[BS], want to fix this right away.”

kokee radarA multi-agency collaboration is underway to treat the injured birds and fix the lighting problem, including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the Kokee Air Force [RADAR] Station, Kauai Endangered Species Recovery Program and Kauai Division of Forestry and Wildlife.

Nadig said the Air Force [RADAR] facility had a few lights that weren’t positioned correctly[WTF??]. The lights should have been pointed directly at the ground, as not to reflect in the skies, but some of them weren’t. He said the facility switched over to green lights in 2011 and upgraded the facility the following year.

USFWS hadn’t followed up with the facility but is working with the Air Force to fix the problem. The Air Force, which didn’t return a message seeking comment[NOT SURPRISED], has been shutting down its lights as the groups address the problem.

Weather could be a factor, too. The area has been covered in dense fog, along with rain and humidity. [Refraction, Induction and Conduction of electrical charge from the radar station will increase during wet, damp foggy conditions.]

“It’s a light attraction that’s been exacerbated by the fog,” Nadig said. [WTF??????]

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If it is just lighting (not lightning) killing the birds why aren’t they dropping dead all over Kauai where lights are bright? dim? The lighting is just a diversion to the public from the real problem with all of these high power, high gain pulsed radars – they duct into the ground/biology during bad weather and shock things.
Kokee is a radar installation with a high power, high gain AN/FPS-117 fire control radar. They are shocking your birds during foggy, damp conditions as they fly by the radar and the electrical pulses ground out through the birds and damp air (coronal discharge – like around high voltage transformers),+Kauai,+HI

AN/FPS-117 Specs
Peak Power: 25,000 watts
Duty Cycle: 18 % (% of time on each second)
Avg power: 4500 watts (Peak Power x Duty Cycle)
Frequency: 1300 MHz
Gain:  39
PEAK EIRP: 198,582,054 Equivalent Focused Pulsed Watts (Electro Bird Zapper)
Avg Power & Peak Power 3000′ away from radar exceed FCC Safe Guideline for uncontrolled environment

IEEE(Ignorant Electrical Engineers Electrocuting you) and FCC (Federal Cancer Commission) ignore peak pulsed power because they are stupid idiots – it is all important when you ARE GETTING SHOCKED

Let’s ask Stephen Hawking if he can say “A ShockaFlockalypse Now” 3 times fast!

Idea for Next Mission Impossible

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