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Rocket Science Cancer Cluster Revisited

September 24, 2015
NASA Glenn

Circle is 124 Meter “Unsafe Zone” around high power, high gain ASR-9 pulsed microwave radar according to the FAA.

From FAA Document

“On October 11, 2007, NIOSH received a request for an HHE from the management of the NASA GRC in Cleveland, Ohio, regarding ongoing employee and union concerns about a possible higher rate of cancer among current and former employees of Buildings 500 and 501. This was the second HHE request NIOSH had received regarding this issue. The first request, received in 2004, was also submitted by management. In response to the first request, NIOSH investigators identified no hazardous exposures [DUMBASSES NEVER CHECKED FOR ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION] and closed the HHE with a letter [NIOSH 2004]. In this latest request, NASA GRC management explained that cancer concerns had resurfaced, no cause for these cancers had been identified, and employees were concerned about potential exposure to jet fuel and deicing compounds from the nearby airport, asbestos in the buildings, water damage in the buildings, and general IEQ.”

Long-term exposure to microwave radiation provokes cancer growth: evidences from radars and mobile communication systems.

Yakymenko I1, Sidorik E, Kyrylenko S, Chekhun V.


“In this review we discuss alarming epidemiological and experimental data on possible carcinogenic effects of long term exposure to low intensity microwave (MW) radiation. Recently, a number of reports revealed that under certain conditions the irradiation by low intensity MW can substantially induce cancer progression in humans and in animal models. The carcinogenic effect of MW irradiation is typically manifested after long term (up to 10 years and more) exposure. Nevertheless, even a year of operation of a powerful base transmitting station for mobile communication reportedly resulted in a dramatic increase of cancer incidence among population living nearby.”

NASA Glenn2

View of evacuated NASA Glenn building @ Cleveland Airport

NASA Glenn3

Safe Zone does not take into account additional microwave antennas nearby per FAA safe guidelines (it should be greater)

Would all aviation and NASA employees please report to the employee parking lot for an additional dose of microwave radiation!

NASA Glenn

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