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So it’s all come back round to breaking apart again

October 16, 2015
Warship Corrosion

This warship underwent accelerated corrosion due to STRAY ELECTRICAL CURRENTS where metal meets the saltwater. This WAS NOT galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals. You can see the corrosion where the hull meets the saltwater. This is the same accelerated corrosion that is destroying all of our near shore coral reefs near high power, high gain antennas. ALL transmitters will have an effect, INCLUDING CELL TOWERS

Builder Blames Navy as Brand-New Warship Disintegrates

“Independence‘s corrosion is concentrated in her water jets — shipboard versions of airplane engines — where steel “impeller housings” come in contact with the surrounding aluminum structure. Electrical charges possibly originating in the ship’s combat systems apparently sparked the electrolysis.”


History, Politics and Current Affairs

It turned out that three factors had coincided to produce a perfect storm of galvanic [electrical current corrosion] corrosion. The first factor was that normally, such ships are equipped with a Cathodic Protection System (CPS). Originally, the LCS-2 design did include cathodic protection in the waterjets, alongside coatings and insulation, but it wasn’t enough, and some of the insulation wasn’t installed properly.

The final problem was that there is a big difference between the electronic fits on merchant ships and warships. There are a lot more electronic systems on the latter and they run at power levels that are an order of magnitude (or more) greater than their civilian equivalents. This means that the stray electrical currents that are the basic cause of galvanic corrosion are much more common and a lot more damaging. This was actually the fundamental issue; the powerful radars and other electronic equipment were setting up eddy currents in the hull and they were greatly accelerating the whole galvanic corrosion issue. 

This effect was unsuspected and its occurrence/non-detection was the result of moving a technology into entirely new waters. There was a very steep learning curve involved, but once it had been completed, it was realized that the problem was actually a known one with a known fix. It was just that the unsuspected interplay of powerful electronics and galvanic corrosion meant that a lot more of the fix was needed.

So let there be NO Doubt that radars( can induce electrical currents and corrosion in metals in contact with seawater (electrolyte).  Calcium is a very reactive metal (stronger than aluminum) and that is why our coral reefs are disappearing.

corroded reef2

This is what a corroded calcium-based coral reef looks like


This is what a healthy coral reef looks like prior to the Military Media Microwave Industrial Complex (MMMIC) taking over and instituting a Wireless Revolution among the masses along with untold suffering.

And this is a song

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