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Expert panel running with OM investigation plan

December 12, 2015

HOMExpert panel running with OM investigation plan
Written by  Lee Sullivan

“While runners were navigating the 5K course through The Park-Huntersville that morning, Dr. Sam Milham, a semi-retired physician, epidemiologist, electromagnetic radiation (EMR) researcher and author from California and his colleague, Dave Stetzer, an electrician and electromagnetic fields research specialist from Wisconsin, were conducting tests to detect the presence and magnitude of rogue electrical waves in southwestern Huntersville.

Milham and Stetzer traveled to Huntersville at their own expense to investigate a possible connection between “dirty electricity” and the eye-opening statistical anomaly of an extremely rare cancer — OM has an expected occurrence rate of only 5 to 6 people per million — being diagnosed in more than a dozen individuals with residential or occupational links to Huntersville in the last five years.

Their report, distributed a few days after the on-site tests, states that high frequency electrical pollution, similar to the level some have attributed to increased health risks in animals and people exposed to it, was detected near Hopewell High School and in other sections of the southwestern part of town. A chemical/environmental engineer and environmental activist from Georgia responsible for the “darkmattersalot” blog that highlights health threats to wildlife and humans triggered by electromagnetic radiation and a contributor to several ongoing university studies analyzing EMR and health connections, subsequently examined Milham’s findings and said he believes there is justification for a more detailed study to identify the source or sources of electromagnetic radiation in the area.”

huntersville TDWR

Super High Gain (50 dBi) 6 GHz Pulsed Microwave Radar Near Huntersville, NC.  This pulsed microwave radar lines up directly with the road in front of the schools

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