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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble, Okie Style

December 16, 2015
Oklahoma Earthquakes

NEXRAD reflected  2.5 GHz clear air pulsed microwave radiation reflection profile(green) correlates well with the shallow booming earthquake cluster(orange).  Many high gain Satellite earth stations are also located near the center of the other cluster  Radars/Earth Stations can act as oxidizers and ignition sources for fuel explosions due to the local high power density of refracted electromagnetic radiation.  Orange circles are 4 years of earthquakes from USGS site

NG Pockets Exploding


There must be air getting into the fracking and disposal wells, creating the combustible mixture of air and natural gas (methane) and then the radar pulsed power & other man-made EMF sources are grounding out into the Earth and provides the ignition source. ~ 2.5 lbs of methane in air/oxidant can create  a 2.0 richter scale explosion.  Odor is probably from sulfur oxidizing (SO2, etc). Another explosive path is electrolysis of the brine releasing free radicals of chlorine, which then can react with methane and cause an explosion.  Results may very, please see government for details.

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