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Please be patient, more research loading…

February 5, 2016


But while you wait, here is a summary of my research so far.

  • Earth may not be round but local spacetime appears to be.
  • Our weather is mostly braneshowers and braneflurries
  • Our wireless revolution is dissolving Florida, one sinkhole at a time.
  • Military, NOAA’s and Cousteau’s ship radars are dissolving our coral reefs
  • It appears we are microwaving Florida’s orange crop and attracting bugs
  • The oil and gas industry is blowing up Oklahoma and California
  • Radars cannot cause earthquakes but they can detonate natural gas pockets underground which can cause earthquakes.
  • We are shocking the whales and all marine life near the surface and seafloor of the ocean near all of our high gain antennas.
  • Our wireless revolution is oxidizing and dissolving our children. Electronic warfare works even better!
  • We can keep all of our electromagnetic radiation and reduce breast cancer if more women will just cut their breasts off.
  • War & Disease are key drivers of our economy so Rock On Dudes!
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